CodeIris is a software visualization service. It is currently in alpha status.


The idea of this project is to visualize the structure of software projects and show important project metrics.

Our Vision is to create an innovative Service for Software Architecture Visualization.

Use it to:

  • Analyze project structures
  • Communicate your project
  • Document project structure
  • Education


1. How can I add a repo?

We currently support ony public GitHub repos. If you like to view a repo of general interest in CodeIris please send a mail with the GitHub address to martin@codeiris.com .

2. Is CodeIris Open Source?

CodeIris is not Open Source at this moment. We believe CodeIris is more a service than a library.

3. Can I help or make suggestions?

Yes Please! The service is development. If you have ideas/suggestions how to improve it please come forward. In order to keep the service simple we have to say no to feature requests that do not improve the core theme of CodeIris.


Martin Klewitz


Number of imported projects: 21